Hello world!

20150601_130744[1]    Welcome to A Novel Glimpse! I am so excited to start this journey into book blogging!

My love of books started early. My mom was a grade school teacher and I can remember many trips to the library with her to pick out books. I don’t really remember toys I had as a child, but I can remember books my mom read to us. My love of books continued into my teenage years when my friends and I read authors such as Christopher Pike and R.L. Stine. In college, I discovered romance novels and began a Nora Roberts addiction. My love for books has continued into my adult life and since becoming a stay-at-home mom, I have become an avid reader.  I read so much that my husband thinks I’m nuts. Even my kiddo notices.

Just this morning, I was asking my kiddo today a bunch of questions I saw on a friend’s Facebook Timeline. The first question was “What does your mom like to do?” My child’s answer: “Read.” The second question was “What do you think your mom does when you’re not around?” My child’s answer: “Sit, relax, read a book.” The third question was “What is your mom good at?” My child’s answer: “Reading.”

Do you see a theme there? I’m so happy that my child notices I’m always reading. I hope it helps my child see how much fun reading is and how it can help you get farther in life.

So, my love of reading is one reason I’m starting this blog. The other is that I love to share the books I’ve read with others. I am constantly giving my friends book recommendations or telling them about great books I’ve read. They really enjoy my sharing and have been telling me for years that I’ve needed to start a blog.

I finally am. I’m really excited about being able to share the books I read with (hopefully) even more people. So, thanks for taking the time to check out my blog. I hope you’ll be back in the future to see what I’ve been reading.