Tales of a Book Bag: Rimrock Lake, WA


A couple of weeks ago, I started my new blog feature, Tales of a Book BagTales of a Book Bag is a quick look at places my book bag has been.


Last weekend, my book bag took another fun camping/boating trip. This time it was to Rimrock Lake. Rimrock Lake is in the Wenatchee National Forest, on U.S. Hwy 12 about 10 miles from White Pass. It’s a man-made lake that was formed when the Tieton Dam was built on the Tieton River to provide irrigation to the Yakima Valley.


Rimrock Lake is one of my favorite places to camp. It’s simply beautiful. We camp at The Rimrock Lake Resort. It’s quiet, clean, well kept and has free showers. There are both tent and RV sites and a dock you can rent slips in to tie up your boat. Our kids love the swim area.  It’s perfect for bringing your floaties and lounging in the water.


If you’re into camping, boating or fishing in Washington, I would highly suggest planning a trip to Rimrock Lake. It’s about two and half hours from Seattle. The drive is beautiful and goes quickly.


5 thoughts on “Tales of a Book Bag: Rimrock Lake, WA

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  2. I honestly found your post through your picture. But i have been camping there since i was a child. If you ever go back. Go up the dirt road that runs with the river that leads into the lake and comes out under the bridge, closer where to where the bird islands are in the lake. You can go up that road to the end and there is amazing camp sites on the river. And you can float into the lake, theres a wirlpool we call deadmans corner because if you go around the bend theres some fun little rapids. Best place in the world to camp.

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    • That’s awesome! It’s definitely one of our favorite places to camp. We’ve done a lot of exploring of the lake by boat and car over the years and I think I know exactly where you’re talking about! We’ve talked about camping over in that area. We might just have to try it now! Thanks for stopping by and for the suggestion! 🙂


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