Blogger technical help needed: Adding custom links to pictures

Hey WordPress blogger friends,

I’m in need of a little explanation. When WordPress updated their new posts they changed something with adding media. You used to be able to add a custom link when you either uploaded the image or clicked on the image on your page. Now, the only option is a caption.

My question is this: Is there a way to add a custom link? I’ve tried to figure it out and I can’t find anywhere to do it.

Oh, and while I’m at asking questions, is there spell check somewhere?

Thanks for your help!



14 thoughts on “Blogger technical help needed: Adding custom links to pictures

  1. I can still add a custom url to my pictures…
    I think you’ll be able to find this option if you edit your posts within “WP Admin”. Click on “My Site” in the top left corner. Then click on “WP Admin” in the left-hand menu (first option under “View Site”). Then in your dashboard, select “Posts” from the left-hand menu and choose the post you want to edit. Now when you click on any image in a post you’ll get a floating menu with the option to edit the image. In the edit option you can still add a custom url.

    Is that any help? Sorry if my explanation is useless!


      • I’m glad it works, even it it is more hassle to get to your posts that way. Hopefully someone with more tech knowledge can come up with a shortcut! 🙂
        And I forgot to say before, I’ve never found a spellchecker. I think if you have a site you can get a lot of fancy add-ons (and I would bet a spellchecker is one of them), but if you want to stick with .com you have to do without. 😦

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  2. I stumbled on this quite by accident – if you click on the picture once it’s added to your post-in-progress and then click on the link button at the top bar (ignore the floating menu that appears when you click on the picture) then you can replace the media link with your custom link 🙂

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