The Bookish Christmas Tag

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Another day closer to Christmas, another Christmas themed book tag…

Thank you to Arianna @ The Daydreaming Bookworm for tagging me for The Bookish Christmas Tag. If you haven’t check out her blog, you should. It’s pretty and we both share a love for Bright Side.


Father Christmas: Name a book you received as a child that you treasure to this day.

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I wasn’t a little kid when I received these books. I was a teenager. But these books have really great messages about being yourself and stuff. I still have them sitting on my bookshelf. They’re ones I’ll pass on to my daughter when she’s a teenager.

The ghost of Christmas past: Is there a book or series you like to revisit each year at Christmas time?

Not really. I’m not much of a re-reader. There’s too many new books out there to experience.


Christmas tree: Name a series that reaches new heights with every entry.

23253863 25959560

I just said I didn’t re-read books but I might have lied. I am going to re-read this series before the third book comes out next year. This series is crazy amazing. It blew my mind in so many ways. EVERY single person I’ve told to read this series that did loved it. It’s been on almost every list I’ve made this year. I really wish all my reader friends would read it. I would love to hear what everyone of them thinks.

Friends and family: Name a book with fantastic characters.


Did you know I was going to say Six of Crows? How could I not? The cast of characters is diverse and outstanding.

Decorations: Name a book with a gorgeous cover you would proudly display on your shelves.


It is right now. The colors are even brighter and more vivid in person.

Ice and snow: Name a book that you were hoping to love but which ultimately left you feeling cold.


It’s not that it wasn’t a good book. The plot was really interesting. It was just so dang slow and long. I wish it would have been fast-paced and shorter.

Christmas lunch: Name a book that was big and intimidating but oh so worth it in the end.


All of the books in the A Song of Fire and Ice series by George RR Martin were long and intimidating, but they were so worth it.

Mince pies: Name a book you found sweet and satisfying.


Honestly, I could have picked any of Kasie West’s books for this one, but On the Fence is my favorite.

Presents: What book do you wish you could give everyone to read?

22669832 23253863

I have the same answer as Arianna did and I have to add Nine Minutes, too. These are the two books I would make everyone read by gifting them. Seriously. Read them. You won’t regret it!

Spreading the festive cheer: Tag some friends to help spread the festive bookish love.

I tag:

Erika @ Erika in Bookventureland

Jesse @ Books at Dawn

Joey @ Thoughts and Afterthoughts

and anyone else that wants to! (Sorry to be lazy with the tags!)


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