Predict My Life in Books Tag

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Thank you to The Orang-utan Librarian for tagging me to complete the Predict My Life in Books Tag. This one looks like a lot of fun and I’m excited to do it. So thank you! 🙂


1. Soulmate


This is so hard for me! I don’t know if I truly have any book “boyfriends”. Or maybe I have too many of them. I don’t know. For the sake of the tag, I’m going to pick Gus from Bright Side.


2. How You’ll Meet

Since Gus is a rock star, we’ll meet when he’s on a tour stop in Seattle.


3. Where You’ll Meet

At Starbucks, duh. There’s like one on every corner here.


4. Job

Since he’s already a rocker, I become his muse. Or I could be his tour manager. Or maybe a roadie. Or I could be one of those girls that follows the band from city to city. So many choices…


5. Final Story – Create a story to fill in the gaps in your story (how many kids you’ll have if any, how you die, etc. You can still reference books for this part).

Hmm…Well, we meet at Starbucks and Gus asks me on a date. We spend an amazing day together and he asks me to come on tour with him. I say I can’t because I’m not a freeloader. He offers me a job as the assistant tour manager, so I go with him. We travel the world while he makes music and then we return to his hometown of San Diego. We winter there and summer in Seattle. We have a couple of kids and they’re named Kate and Gus, Jr. We live to be 95 and die holding hands minutes apart.


That was fun! But why do I just feel like I cheated on my husband? Lol. Hope you enjoyed my little story.

I tag:

Amy @ Curiouser and Curioser

Claire @ Art and Soul

Jesse @ Books at Dawn

Joey @ Thoughts and Afterthoughts

and anyone else that want to join in!


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