Thoughtful Thursday: How much of a series complete-ist are you?


Welcome to my first Thoughtful Thursday! I’ve been looking for a good way to include more bookish talk on A Novel Glimpse for 2016. When I came across Thoughtful Thursday hosted by Reading is Fun Again, I knew the meme would be the perfect way to do just that.

This week’s Thoughtful Thursday topic is How much of a series complete-ist are you? Do you read all the novellas? Do you read all of the books within your favorite series’ universe?


Once I’ve committed to a series, I like to try to finish it. Well, as long as I like it. There are a few instances when I haven’t, though. If I don’t like the first book I’m obviously not going to keep reading. An example would be Daughter of Smoke & Bone by Laini Taylor. I didn’t go on to read books two and three because I didn’t like the turn taken at the end of book one. I knew it wasn’t something I was going to be interested in.

I’ve only quit two series mid-book. I didn’t make it past the half way mark in Cassandra Claire’s City of Lost Souls. I couldn’t bring myself to finish that book or book 6. Same thing happened with Kiera Cass’ The Elite. I read to page 43 and couldn’t hack it. I was done with the series after that.

The other time I don’t always finish a series is when it’s a long winded romance series. There have been a couple of series that have started out strong only to become lackluster for me. An example of this would be Marie Force’s Gansett Island series. I loved it when it started. It was fun to watch all the different characters on the island fall in love. Then the books became less new love story and more catch up with existing characters. The stories became too diluted and I gave up. I think it comes down to the author knowing when to finish a series or create a spin-off to continue related characters.


If I’m loving a series, then yes, I do read all of the novellas. They’re usually a way to get a glimpse into a character or finish up a story thread that needed more.


I do tend to read all the books within my favorite series’ universe or their spin-offs. A good example of this would be Bella Andre’s Sullivan series. I have read all of the Sullivan books and now I’m reading her New Adult spin-off the Morrisons.

And that’s my first Thoughtful Thursday. I hope you enjoyed my ramblings. 🙂


11 thoughts on “Thoughtful Thursday: How much of a series complete-ist are you?

  1. Oooh, nice topic!

    I’m so SO bad about starting a series and then taking forever to finish it. I think this might be partly due to the whole “waiting” game…it seems I pick up book one before book two is even a completed project, which means a LOT of down-time between book releases. Of course, I own several complete series that I haven’t even started yet, so… who knows.

    I don’t usually read the novellas. I don’t know why–I probably should, but… again, I have no idea? I AM making an exception here with Alexandra Bracken’s Through the Dark–there’s no way I can skip this one, I need to read it and I need to do it soon!


  2. I haven’t read Cassandra Clare’s series yet, but I’ve heard a lot of mixed reviews about it, so I only bought book 1…and I haven’t read The Selection series yet, either. I tend to stay away from series until all the books are out so I can binge read them!

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