Thoughtful Thursday: How do you feel about authors borrowing other authors’ characters?


Welcome to Thoughtful Thursday! Thoughtful Thursday is a weekly meme hosted by Reading is Fun Again.

This week’s Thoughtful Thursday topic is How do you feel about authors (in a non-fanfiction setting) borrowing other authors characters. For example, there have been several authors who have included Sherlock Holmes and Dr. Watson in their books as main characters.

Honestly, I’ve never really thought about it before. I can’t think of a book I’ve read where this has happened. I guess if the book is well written and the borrowed character stays true to what the original author intended, then I’m okay with the borrowing of said character. If the book sucks and the characters has been horribly changed, then I don’t think I would like that.

What do you think? Do you like it when characters are borrowed?


9 thoughts on “Thoughtful Thursday: How do you feel about authors borrowing other authors’ characters?

  1. So at first I was like: What does this even meeeeaaaan? Like fanfiction? Like if Rowling wrote Katniss into Harry Potter universe? But you know what would suck. If the adapted character earns more notoriety than the original (which I guess is the case for Sherlock). All characters are carbon copies of one another anyways; just taking and pulling whatever attribute etc. that fits the framework of the story being told. I don’t have a good response to this, other than: yes Deanna, I approve of you writing a fanfic starring yourself and Garrett.


    • I just spit water all over my keyboard! Lol. I appreciate your approval! I’ll make sure you get the first ARC of that one! Heck, I could even write you in as Garrett’s best friend! I know how much you love him. And you’re from Canada, so you play hockey right? 😉 (Sorry for the generalization!)
      I kind of wondered the same thing about the fanfiction but I thought maybe the question was just in general? I was thinking about all those books I see on GR about Mr. Darcy. Maybe that’s where the question stems from?


  2. Omg I love this topic! I read A Study in Charlotte around mid-December and I didn’t really enjoy the characters in that book very much. They’re supposed to be the descendants of the original Sherlock and Watson, which allows the author to make them kind of similar to the originals. But I found them to be much too similar. I suppose this is slightly different from other authors borrowing the same characters but I suppose this isn’t too dissimilar to what you were thinking of. I didn’t like that the characters in ASIC were so similar because it felt kind of lazy on the authors part. Almost like she couldn’t be bothered to create and develop her own characters so she just gave them the same personalities and habits as the originals. I don’t know if I’d feel differently if the characters were called Sherlock and Watson and intended to be the same people as the original characters…but I really don’t like Sherlock and Watson-inspired characters who are too similar. (I don’t even know if this comment makes sense haha)

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