Thoughtful Thursday: What draws you to a book?


Welcome to Thoughtful Thursday! Thoughtful Thursday is a weekly meme hosted by Reading is Fun Again.

This week’s Thoughtful Thursday topic is Does anything besides the text (and price) draw you into a book? Some books have covers that glow-in-the-dark. Some books have different colored text to differentiate POV characters. Some books have drawings intermixed with the text.

A beautiful cover is always a draw, but I won’t usually read a book only based on its cover. There are a lot of books with beautiful covers that I pass up after reading the book blurb. A beautiful cover is always an added extra. Plus, most of the books I read are on my Kindle so I’m not staring at a cover. Same with the text of a book. Well, unless it’s super small. I hate super small text!

A book description is what truly draws me to a book. The premise of the story needs to speak to me. If it doesn’t, I have no desire to read a book. Well, unless it comes highly recommended from someone who knows what I like to read. An example of this would be one of my favorite series, Nine Minutes by Beth Flynn. Both the cover and description did nothing for me. Friends telling me I had to read it made me.

Yes, the price does matter most of the time, but it won’t deter me from reading a book. (High prices? That’s what libraries are for!)

What about you? What draws you to books?




20 thoughts on “Thoughtful Thursday: What draws you to a book?

  1. I’d say that the combination of a good blurb and cover usually seals the deal for me. The blurb is usually the most important of the two because I want to be sucked in to the story. I do find that my decision to buy the book is helped when I know of a few people that would recommend it for me to read.

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  2. The blurb is the most important for me, but what also draws me to books are covers and who wrote it. For example, books from Colleen Hoover just do it for me. Sometimes I haven’t even read the blurb of her books when I know I need to read it.

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  3. if I’m at the bookstore or shopping on amazon, yeah, the book cover draws me in and sometimes I just have to read it. But most of the times it’s the blurb and the recommendations.
    This is different for New Adult books though, where the cover almost never comes into play – most covers are not great, let’s agree on that, right? Most of the new adult books I’ve read so far have been for the blurb and the recommendations :), and if buying them for my kindle, then yes, money matters… I usually don’t buy a book higher than 8$.

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  4. A beautiful cover always gets my attention but if I didn’t like it’s synopsis then I won’t read it. So, the blurb is the most important for me and the cover is a secondary thing because I’ve read so many great books with average looking covers. Sometimes the positive reviews or hype about a book also gets my attention. 🙂

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  5. I think it’s a mix between cover, story and price if I buy a book or not. If it’s really expensive, I won’t forget about it all together, but I will probably wait and see if it gets cheaper. I am a real cover snob though. If it’s not pretty … I am having a hard time getting myself to buy it hahaha

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