Top Ten Tuesday: Bad Boys, Bad Boys…


…What’cha gonna do? What’cha gonna do when they come for you?

Come on, you know you were singing that classic Inner Circle song when you read my title. I was. But this Top Ten Tuesday post is not about the type of bad boys you see on that Cops TV show. No, these bad boys aren’t hoodlums. These bad boys are bad in an entirely different way. A sexy way.

This week, The Broke and the Bookish‘s original Top Ten Tuesday weekly theme is  a  Valentine’s Day themed freebie! In honor of the overly commercialized holiday of love, I decided to go with the theme: Ten Bad Boys Who Are Oh So Good.  So grab a piece of chocolate and get ready to swoon over some sexy bad boys.

Ten Bad Boys Who Are Oh So Good

2450077510. Owen Harper, Wild Reckless

He may a high school senior, but Owen has being bad down to a science. Good thing he’s gorgeous and a star basketball player.




17788401 9. Miles Archer, Ugly Love

This pilot is a bad boy in the sense that he doesn’t do love, just sex. But underneath that bad boy exterior, he’s got heart.




 8. Slater Vaughn, You Really Got Me

You can’t have a bad boy list without including at least one musician. Slate Vaughn is your typical rock star, hooking up with random chicks on tour. All of that changes when he finds the right woman.



233540737. Cormac “the Hurricane” O’Connell, The Hurricane

This undefeated fighter is bad to the bone — until he meets shy Emily McCarthy.



18375518 6. Reid Knox, Maybe This Time

He’s wild, protective, secretive, brooding, Brooding, temperamental and guarded. He’s also got a sexy scar and a rock hard body.



24920901 5. Garrett Graham, The Deal

I’m a sucker for a womanizing hockey player with a hot body who falls for a smart chick. What can I say?




18520167 4. Declan Whitmore, Down and Out

He’s a fighter who owns his own gym. He’s also super loyal and overprotective.




27252717  3. Dean Di-Laurentis, The Score

Another hockey player…who’s even more of a player than his teammate Garrett Graham. Dean’s down for whatever sexually. He knows he’s hot and isn’t afraid to let it show. But the right woman might just be even hotter than that ménage à trois.




Rebel 2. Rebel, Rebel

Rebel is the strong and silent type. His silence and lack of words amp up his sexiness. Not to mention, he’s got some hot tattoos and runs a successful business.




23253863 1. Grizz, Nine Minutes

Yes, once again Nine Minutes is a #1 on my list. Grizz is the ultimate bad boy. How could any guy beat out a hot motorcycle gang member? Dude’s killed people!




So, what do you think? Are these bad boys hot? Who would you add to my list?




32 thoughts on “Top Ten Tuesday: Bad Boys, Bad Boys…

  1. That tune is stuck in my head now haha. I’ll be singing it all night.

    I’m sensing a theme with most of the covers 😛 but what can I say I do love a good bad boy at times. I’m definitely going to have to pick up some of these books. 😉

    Liked by 1 person

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