Review: Nine Million Minutes by Leigh Ann Lane

27974959Title: Nine Million Minutes

Author: Leigh Ann Lane

Publication Date: November 11, 2015

Publisher: CreateSpace

Genre: Contemporary Romance, New Adult

Goodreads Synopsis:

Twenty-six years is long enough to be a wallflower. Armed with a new auburn hair color and a lime green Jeep that screams “look at me,” Kricket Taylor steps outside her shy comfort zone.

Jay Hunter has a successful career as a speaker, capturing audiences by rolling up his sleeve and baring a jagged scar that signifies the biggest mistake of his life…making a promise he couldn’t keep.

With a coast-to-coast supply of willing and beautiful conference attendees, he has no desire for a relationship. But an encounter with a shy redhead triggers something deep. Now, the only way to make up for his long ago broken promise is to protect her from himself.

Nine Million Minutes, a contemporary romance novel, will resonate with anyone who has picked themselves up, brushed off the dirt, and awkwardly stumbled towards a new beginning.

3.5 / 5 Stars

Nine Million Minutes is a complex story about two people fighting their attraction to each other due to a combined pasts that still haunt them.

At sixteen, Jayson saw himself as the older brother and protector of his eight-year-old neighbor, Krissy. When the unspeakable happens, Krissy is torn away from Jay and their neighborhood. Jay feels it’s his fault because he didn’t do enough to protect her. Being so young, Krissy has no memory of that horrible night.

Flash forward seventeen years. Kricket (aka Krissy) returns to her Oklahoma hometown and meets gorgeous Jay(son) at Starbucks. Neither realize they know each other. When something brings their connection to light, they realize they can’t act on their attraction to each other — no matter how much they want each other.

Nine Million Minutes is a hard book for me to rate. It was fast-paced and kept my attention the entire time. I was invested in the story and loved the push-pull thing Jay and Kricket had going on. I enjoyed the slow-burn of their romance. It was a really great book on it’s way to a five star review– until it got to almost the end. That’s when things started to unravel for me.

Remember that slow-burn romance I just mentioned? Well, once they decided to act on their attraction, the slow-burn turned into steaming hot. It felt like the last couple chapters of the book were all sex. I have no problem with sex in books, but it felt out of place for the characters to get it on that much in one night. Or maybe it was just the way Jay bragged about it to his family. (Do his mom and dad really want hear about that?!?)

Then, there was the epilogue. Instead of wrapping things up nicely, it added unnecessarily to the story. I honestly didn’t see the point of it.

My biggest problem with Nine Million Minutes, thoughwas Jay’s secret. I couldn’t stand Tara’s part in it all. There had to be a better, less disgusting reason for Jay to keep them apart. Although, I do have to admit I loved the resolution to the issue.

Oh, and I almost forgot! I love the meaning behind the title of the book!

New Adult readers who enjoy complicated love stories filled with angst and secrets will enjoy Nine Million Minutes.




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